Disruptive Endeavors, LLC was created in response to the disruptive technology and global distribution channels generated by the success of its affiliates. As a non-traditional private investment and strategic advisory group, company building is our primary focus. The mission of Disruptive Endeavors, LLC is to invest and advise companies, who augment our current portfolio of companies, with innovations that disrupt an existing market or simplify complex systems with a value network. Our Buy and Hold philosophy is the reassurance that we invest for the long haul; providing opportunities for our family of companies to synergistically come together with the goal of increasing their overall value. 

Roughly $375B will change hands over the next 10 years due to old products being replaced with new ones. We believe the key ingredients to early success are MRR/ARR growth derived from patented, disruptive "smart" products that can be leveraged into portfolio systems, and as such, provides carious sales tools which portfolio companies can leverage to develop a strong, early customer base. Comprised of successful self-made entrepreneurs with a plethora of nationally recognized patents and global distribution channels, our team understands first-hand the challenges in monetizing disruptive ideas from inception to high value exits. 


Black swans are high-impact innovations beyond the realm of normal expectations. As Nassim Nicholas Taleb put it, black swans are characterized by rarity, extreme impact, and retrospective predictability. High-impact investments can change the dynamics of large markets.  

Disruptive Endeavors, LLC thrives on early stage ideas with unfair advantages in the corresponding existing marketplace. We seeks out these black swan opportunities for proprietary and protected technologies that solve large industry problems in the following sectors:










"We don't want to raise funds for a deal or 'capital' business. We want to invest in disruptive ideas that create value and, in turn, build companies." - John Karamanos Founder and CEO

With access to global distribution channels and high-level relationships, there is no limit to the amount of exposure we can provide. Our Buy and Hold philosophy depicts a picture of not only monetary investments, but long-term commitments as well. We are dedicated to finding disruptive technology that we can successfully integrate into our fields of expertise that lead to the finalization of revenue-generating contracts and value creation with high ROI. 



"As successful self-made serial-entrepreneurs with extensive patent portfolios, our team understands first hand the challenges in monetizing disruptive ideas from inception to high value exits."

- John Karamanos Founder and CEO

NAME: John Karamanos

TITLE: Founder and CEO, General Partner and Fund Manager

EXPERIENCE: 30+ years


Throughout his 30 years of experience in building technologies and as a serial entrepreneur, John Karamanos has held positions in sales, engineering, and executive management at prestigious companies including United Technologies, YORK/JCI, US Filter, Vivendi, AMT, BEST Technologies, and HVAC Manufacturing and Technology. He currently sits on numerous boards and has been involved with many charitable organizations. 

As a successful self-made entrepreneur and experienced innovator, John currently holds over 30 successfully issued patents, numerous trademarks, and has additional patent applications pending. Experienced not only in building and operating results based B2B, but being a brilliant strategic collaborator, as well, has allowed JK to build a substantial network of successful advisers and wealthy investors. 

John understands what it means to start with nothing but an idea and turn it into a disruptive, world-changing reality. He was the first person in his family to graduate from grade school and then college. He worked full time in construction while obtaining, all with honors, an Associate's degree in Climate control Engineering, certificates in Air Conditioning, Climate Control, Refrigeration, and Advanced Controls, a Bachelor of Science, and a MBA from SJSU. 

John firmly believes in continuous improvement with an "outside of the box" mentality. This vision is the motivation and the foundation of Disruptive Endeavors, LLC; to continue changing the world with the ideas deemed "too crazy" to even be considered by an ordinary investment firm. 

While JK is disrupting industries and running several companies, he stays actively involved with many charitable organizations. He is married with three children, two of whom he enjoys watching excel in collegiate level sports. 

NAME: Dr. Herbert Willke

TITLE: General Partner and Chief Technologist

EXPERIENCE: 50+ years

Herbert Willke, affectionately known as Bertstein (Bert), has over 50 years of experience with complex fluid mechanics and advanced mathematics. This retired Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor, with a PhD in Physics from MIT, is considered one of the leading experts globally in aero acoustics and physics.

Bertstein holds multiple granted patent portfolios with several more pending. He has made numerous disruptive scientific breakthroughs within the aero acoustics and physics realm. Several of Bert’s latest innovations utilize advanced computational fluid dynamics and innovative bio-mimicking computational paradigms - commensurate with progressive analytics – and are incorporated into the next generation of patented highly-disruptive intelligent fluid dynamic devices. With the integration of these intelligent devices into building technologies infrastructure portfolios optimized with the use of big data analytics, the dynamics of the intelligent infrastructures can now advance to the next generation of High Performance Digital Infrastructures LEED/GREEN compliance boasting the highest ROI at a reasonable cost.

In his spare time, Bertstein indulges in playing the cello and tinkering with complex physics and mathematical equations. Such tinkering has led to several publications, including Special Relativity as We All Should Have Learned It, Three Long-Standing Misunderstandings in Quantum Mechanics, Understanding Variable Orifice Plate Damper Technology, and Intelligent Air Volume System for Extremely Low Pressure Drop Energy Efficiency. Enjoy two of his publications below.


                  Special Relativity as We All Should Have Learned It



                   Three Long-Standing Misunderstandings in                                  Quantum Mechanics



It is no insignificant undertaking to create a new market from scratch or disrupt an existing marketplace. As successful self-made serial-entrepreneurs with extensive patent portfolios, our team understands first-hand the challenges in monetizing disruptive ideas from inception to high-value exits. We work with you; for proper IP protection, to fill leadership teams, create strategic alliances, to drive sales, implement marketing and business development processes which include key account identification, opportunity qualification, solution validation, distribution operations, and all the small steps that lead to the finalization of revenue-generating contracts and value creation. 

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